Atlanta Bar Mitzvah Photographer: Tyler’s Time to Shine

I have been shooting mitzvah’s for a few years and find them so celebratory and FUN! The kids run around with their friends and are entertained with dancers and games and the adults have a great meal and are soon enough on the dance floor themselves. There is a candidness and a lightness to these occasions. It’s a milestone filled with all love and family togetherness.

Congratulations, Tyler. VMP_4779VMP_4769VMP_4753 VMP_4780 VMP_4889 VMP_5005VMP_5105VMP_5145VMP_5170 VMP_5235 VMP_5252 VMP_5262 VMP_5326 VMP_5353 VMP_5137VMP_5494 VMP_5541 VMP_5839 VMP_5881 VMP_5992