Portrait of a Lady

Meet Michele. She needed a professional portrait for work so she had her hair and makeup done by the fabulous Morgan and brought three different looks to play with.  Her first option was a gorgeous, peachy-taupe cowl neck shirt which complimented her skin color nicely. She also brought a dressy black velvet blazer. Blazers can often be bulky and difficult to photograph but this one was well tailored and very slimming. As with every portrait shoot, we tried several angles– from the left, from the right, from above, straight on etc.

What worked best were the ones where she was facing slightly toward the natural light (her right). Her expression is slightly varied from image to image. We tried many smiling showing her teeth and some more serious. I really like these three where she is somewhere in between. Her expression is confident and pleasant without being overly sweet or forcing a smile. I really love the neutral palette too.

Well done Michele! Really great meeting you!