Minty Fresh Wedding

Ashley and Jonas were married at a historic downtown church and had their reception at Portsmouth Harbor Events. I am describing this wedding as minty fresh because the colors that Ashley has chosen are so lovely together and her ivory dress is so crisp. She looks like a doll.

I love when the couple wants to meet before the ceremony to take photos because it allows for more time for the couple to enjoy their guests and generally, allows forĀ  a more leisurely approach to getting through all of the portraits.

For these particular portraits, we used a park downtown, and there happened to be a really cool (also green!) truck that we used as a backdrop. I can’t quite make out the words, but I loved that it was cursive writing.

For their ceremony they had a photo booth with lots of cute props that the guests were happy to utilize.

Congratulations Ashley and Jonas!VMP_4425VMP_4383_CLN6684_CLN6697 VMP_4435 VMP_4470_CLN6708 VMP_4502_CLN6930 minty fresh wedding VMP_4748 minty fresh weddingminty fresh wedding _CLN6981 VMP_4850_CLN7236 VMP_5013 VMP_5083 VMP_5107_CLN7397 minty fresh wedding cake VMP_5280_CLN7429 VMP_5327 VMP_5344 VMP_5412 VMP_5518