Finding Love in Print Fulfilment

I get filled with excitement when print orders finally arrive. Especially when they are big prints. The routine goes like this- I am working in my office with the dogs asleep under my feet. They are suddenly stirred awake and walk to look out the kitchen door. A few moments later I hear the UPS truck backing up to my house, a few light footsteps running up the porch and a few taps on the door.

Regardless of what I am doing, I take the package, run into my house, grab a pair of scissors or my car keys if they are closer, and quickly slice open the cardboard packaging.

I am very careful to unwrap the padding and cut off the tape so as not to damage the print and if it’s framed like today, I pick it up in my arms and nearly hug it. I examine every fine detail close up and from afar.

And even hang it in a couple of places around the house to see what it looks like in different light. This new addition is a 16×16″ framed metallic print in a flat face white frame. I skipped the matting here because I think it looks more modern.

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