Family Photo Session: Party of Four

Meet the Hunt children. As a surprise for mom, dad orchestrated a photo shoot in their beautiful back yard. The kids were all super sweet and willing to try all the nerdy things I asked of them. They were also quite affectionate with each other. I am sure they have their moments of antagonizing each other, but on this day, they came together and you can feel the love.

I didn’t know this until I arrived the day of the shoot, but the oldest son had been diagnosed with late stage brain cancer. I don’t know this family that well, but when I look at these photos, I see so much strength and courage. Some days I beat myself up for not doing more than ‘taking pictures’ but in this context, taking pictures is a very worthy cause. Hanging on to our photographs helps us remember, celebrate and re-live all that we love.

A year later, I received this email from their dad:

“Yesterday my wife stopped me in our home and told me that the large picture of our children (the one in the frame you picked out) was the best gift she had ever received. She went on and on about the quality and professionalism. She loved it also because it was on our property and just perfect. She hopes to meet you someday to tell you in person. Thanks for making her so happy and giving us a gift that will remain in our home as long as we do.”

Tissue please.

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