Boudoir: What to Wear

Naturally, the most common question from clients is, what do I bring to a shoot? In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I am putting together a series of posts on the subject.

For starters my answer is bring what you feel most sexy in, followed by, bring everything!! That may sound excessive but I like options, so that includes: panties and bras in different textures and colors, corsets, fishnets, lightly worn heels, jewelry, silky robes, tank tops, boy shorts, and whatever else you have in your closet that you consider hot. Props are limitless but could include fans, parasols, gloves, glasses, flowers for your hair, or a particularly luxurious throw blanket you have at your house. Some woman have even brought a football or a golf club to pose with for their sporty beau. Together, the day of your shoot we will narrow it down to your four strongest looks so that you have a well styled collection of images to chose from.

During the session, I always as the client to start with more clothing and gradually lose it. This works like a charm because it allows you to warm up and get comfortable. With that in mind, our boudoir inspiration today is all about comfy cottons and boyfriend clothing.

Cotton. A tight fitting cotton tee with matching underwear is a simple, casual option. In this particular example, the client had something flirty to say to her boyfriend. Introducing cotton underwear with mix ad match fitted tee shirts is also an awesome way to introduce color. A few of my favorite places to shop for these items are Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection and Aerie.

Tank top and Boy shorts. Boy shorts look best on thinner, straight-figured women. You can mix and match different colors or layer with contrasting colored bras. Wearing a padded bra like this client, allows for a great pick up and awesome cleavage!

Cut Off Sweatshirt. Any over-sized sweatshirt or super soft comfy sweater can also be hot. This particular sweatshirt was cut off at the collar and waist to expose her shoulder, neck and the small of her back. The sexiness is amplified by pairing it with lacy thongs and her sex kitten position straddling the chair. The heels accentuate her calf muscles and make her legs look longer.

The boyfriend shirt. The key to pulling this off is to iron it! (Seems silly to say but easily forgotten.) Secondly, it shouldn’t be too big for you. If you’re boyfriend is a linebacker, then skip it. The sexiness in pulling off the boyfriend shirt is that you are presumably naked underneath (eh hem, the morning after) so even though the shirt covers you up, you want to hint at your bare chest just beneath and show off your bare legs. Boyfriend shirts with vertical stripes pictured are always slimming. An all-white shirt can easily look washed out and all consuming over your figure. This shirt works wonderfully because we can see her stomach and the profile of her breast, the sleeves are rolled up, the collar is up, and yes, there is a clothes pin cinching it in the back so it hugs her in the right places.

(All images have been heavily cropped so that client’s remain anonymous.)