Boudoir: What to Wear Part 3

Bra and Panties. These are a given but pretty please with a cherry on top bring a selection. Pattern, color, and lacy texture always photograph best. I don’t think you have to stick with matching sets either, it’s way more fun to put pieces together to create your own unique duo. Bring colors that make your eyes or hair color stand out. In the sample photo below, the client has gorgeous red hair and is wearing royal blue. That color combination is magic!

Topless. Implied nudes are way sexy and there are a lot of discrete ways to pull them off. I have a variety of sheet colors and small throws to use for draping or the modest chest cover up always works too. Lastly, but just as important, don’t forget to polish or paint your nails, moisturize your skin, and remove any unwanted hair before your session. Tan lines are also a no no, so if you plan to tan, skip the underwear. And be mindful of the clothes you wear while getting your hair and makeup done. You don’t want any sock lines on your ankles!

(All images have been heavily cropped so that client’s remain anonymous.)