Boudoir: What to Wear Part 2

The baby doll. This type of lingerie is generally very comfortable since it holds up your chest and covers your stomach. Make sure your baby doll fits properly and hugs your chest tightly to lift you up! Lighter airier fabrics with a wider opening in the center tend to be sexier since we can show a little bit of skin.

The Corset. These are super flattering on every figure! They typically have built in bras that pull your chest together and up along with vertical ribbing to help cinch your waist. This naturally helps your butt look better. At least one corset is a must have for any boudoir session. You can play around with adding fishnet tights, thigh highs or a garter as seen here too.

The fun just never ends…

(All images have been heavily cropped so that client’s remain anonymous.)